All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan as a part of their Housing Contract. 

Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan but are encouraged to review the many plans available.

Yes! You can switch meal plan if it does not fit your needs. Meal plans can be switched only during the first two weeks of the semester, subject to proration, and only if the flex dollar balance can be transferred to the new plan.

Meals on your meal plan are for your use only. However, flex dollars may be used to purchase a meal for a guest. If you give your ID Card to someone else to use, it will be confiscated by the cashier and given to the General Manager. You will then need to make arrangements with the General Manager to revalidate your card. Reoccurrence will result in the cancellation of meal plan privileges with no refund.

Absolutely! Any time your parents are on campus visiting, just bring them to the dining hall, and as long as you are on a meal plan, their meal is on us. Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Flex dollars are cash values included in all on-campus meal plans and can also be purchased separately at any time. They work like a pre-paid debit card and your student ID card must be used for these transactions. Flex dollars may be used at both dining locations, Neas Family Dining Hall and Black Diamond Cafe.

Commuter meals/flex roll over from fall to spring semesters, but expire at the end of each academic year.

Yes! We have several off-campus meal plans to choose from. Please visit to learn more. Meal plans can be purchased at any of our register or online.

No problem! We offer a vegetarian option every day at both dining locations and we have an icon program in place to make navigating our menus easier to identify vegetarian, gluten free, and healthy choices. To view the online menus and check allergen and nutritional information download the "Everyday App" and search for "CMC Steamboat Springs". Gina Vega is our campus dietitian who offers complimentary consultations for those with dietary needs. Please contact any of our team members to learn more.

No. You get a set number of meals per week. If you do not use them, you lose them. But you start with a new set of meals each Friday. We understand that people sometimes miss meals. Your meal plan is priced with the understanding that you will miss some meals, therefore, missed meals are not carried over from week to week nor are you given credit or refunds for unused meals.